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7 Days Itinerary to Barbados

  • By Denny Hopkin
  • September 19, 2019

7 Days Itinerary to Barbados

From being a hot-shot adrenaline junky with the Jet blade and surfing to walking down the exquisite aisle of George Washington’s home, here is your 7 Days Itinerary for Barbados, one of the priceless jewels of the Caribbean.

My friend and I were craving some winter sun at the beginning of this year. We needed to go somewhere warm, so I pulled out a map of the world and checked where it was “bikini” warm in February/March and under a 9 hours flight. The Caribbean became on obvious destination pretty quickly.

There are a few places around the world with such a variety of beautiful beaches, caves, chocolate manufacturers, cruise ships, safaris, a thousand shades of blue, glorious sunshine and a standard of luxury which is rarely seen anywhere else, Barbados has it all. Excited already? This is just the beginning.

Day 1

Reach in Morning around 7- Check into Hilton Resort Hotel

This is a luxurious hotel in Barbados, which is only one of its kind, only a 30-minute drive from the Grantley Adams Airport, which is approximately 10 miles away. There are other hotels at the resort as well right next to Hilton at fairly lower price but I can not speak for them as I didn’t check in them. This Hotel was our center point, from here going anywhere in Barbados turned out to be very feasible. Stunningly enough, this hotel is next to the Caribbean Sea and features two beaches, offers three tennis courts, on site dining and infinity complex. Every single room offers an ocean view balcony, along with tropical out door pool, hot tub, sauna. This luxury hotel even features a 17th-century fort that is part of the UNESO heritage of Barbados.

Afternoon - Get Seaduced at Catamaran Cruise

It is suggested that you do you booking online ahead of time, they will pick you up from your hotel or even AirBNB, how convenient is that? For me, very. It will be perhaps the best way to spend your afternoon, laying on a boat sipping rum punches, these catamaran cruises leave from various locations along the west coast. This cruise would do more than just showcasing beautiful waters and perimeter of the island. From start to finish, they would provide you a terrific adventure, encompassing the culture and liveliness of Barbados.

Stop by For Snorkeling at Catamaran

The sun, Sand and Snorkeling cruise begins in Bridgetown at the port. It is one of the popular ways to go swimming with the turtles, there are so many catamarans to choose from and all of them make a stop at one location to give you the opportunity to swim with the turtles. There is also a stop that includes shipwrecks along the west coast where you can snorkel and see many colorful fishes!

Night- Oistin’s Fish Fry

On Friday and Saturday nights, Oistin’s has its famous fish fry. Friday is the more popular night to go and it has become quite a tourist attraction for the taste it offers. Here you will have many stalls to choose from all serving a variety of Bajan (Barbadian) Cuisine. Here at Oistin’s Fish market you must try the Mahi Mahi or flying fish with some macaroni pie or peas and rice. You can’t get much local than that. People aren’t crazy about Oistin’s just because of its sea food, there are many drinks specials including the popular 4 for $10 beers. Grab your food and a Banks Beer and sit and enjoy the music. What could be a more relaxing way to end the first day in Barbados? After that head back to your hotel.

Day 2

Morning - Island Safari (Surf & Turf) in a 4x4

Whenever I get to a new country, I always like exploring it as much of it as possible to orientate myself so I know where I’m going. One of the perfect ways to do this is with Surf & Turf Island Safari in a 4x4. This is a safari tour all around Barbados where you’ll learn all about the history of the island and where some of the best spots are too. The tour guides are very enthusiastic and they know so much about their country. Also, you will quickly find with all tours in Barbados, there’s an abundance of rum punch. It was one of my favorite activities while in Barbados.

Afternoon- Explore Harrison’s Cave

It is situated right in the heart of the country; Harrison’s Cave is where it all began in Barbados. Located in the central uplands of the island, this crystalized, limestone cave is characterized by flowing streams, deep pools of crystal-clear water and towering column of stalagmites and stalactites. At this cave you can learn all about how Barbados was formed as an island, and wandering around these caves really makes you feel like Indiana Jones.

Evening- Wild Life Reserve Tour

If you’ve ever wondered what an agouti looks like, you’ll find out at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Along with these cute forest-dwelling rodents you’ll see deer, armadillos, iguanas, monkeys, flamingos and peacocks. The open reserve presents animals in their natural enviroment, and the reserve’s hordes of Barbados green monkeys are free to come and go as they please.

Night- Fancy Dinner at Buzo

In need of a fine Italian dinning, super chic interior, great food and attentive staff? Located next to Marriot Courtyard on the South Coast, Buzo has a lovely atmosphere, friendly staff, wonderful food and a mixologist who caters to you every desire. It’s a little expensive, but once you get there you would realize that it’s worth it. It can cost you (from $14 to $50 US a drink/course) the portions are generous and the food variety is splendid. It is a perfect way to end your 2nd Day in Barbados.

Day - 3

Morning- Nidhe Israel Synagogue & Museum

The Synagogue Historic District is located within the heart of Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its Garrison in 2011. This Historic District covers an entire city block that features numerous heritage buildings that boast a rich history dating back to the mid-17th century. Since its official opening in April 2017, the Synagogue Historic District represents a significant heritage tourism attraction for the island of Barbados.

Afternoon- Road Go Kart Experience

Experience the thrill of go karting at the Bushy Park’s racing circuit at speeds of upto 50mph! Compete against each other and challenge your own driving skills as you speed around the track.

Evening- Animal Flower Cave

At the very north tip of Barbados, you will find Animal Flower Cave. This place is named after tiny Christmas tree worms that live inside the cave, but I think its more popular for the incredibly dramatic scenery where there’s a window to the rough seas beyond. This is purest, raw and wild form of Barbados where you can really hear the waves crash on the rocks right below you. Also, just above the cave mouth there’s a restaurant with some of the best views around. The Animal Flower Cave is well worth visiting for this restaurant alone! Where you can end your day after a meal and head back to the hotel.

Day - 4

Morning- St. Nicholas Abbey

It is located in Saint Peter, and is a plantation house, museum and rum distillery. Colonel Benjamin Berringer built the house in 1658. This house is one of only three Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere. Here you can have a sandwich and a rum punch on a quaint veranda on the edge of a forest, it would really make you feel like you have stepped back in time. A perfect place to start your morning from.

Afternoon – Smell chocolate being produced at Agapey’s Chocolate Factory

Yes, I know Barbados isn’t known for producing chocolate, but I was stunned to discover Agapey where they’re breaking that mold by creating some of the finest chocolate in the whole Caribbean. You can pop in and buy a few bars, or you can book a tour and learn all about how they go from bean to bar. The best chocolate that I tried there are the ones with a liquid rum center. Fills you mouth with water doesn’t it?

Evening- Get Lost in the memory lane of Hunte’s Gardens and have nostalgia of Charles Dicken’s Novels

Did you read Oliver twist? David Copperfield? Or Bleak House in your child hood? Then you are in for a big nostalgic surprise! Stepping into Hunte’s Garden is like stepping back in time, and here you can walk around an old 17th century style garden with lots of little hideaways where you can pause and watch the world go by. At the top of the gardens is the house where Mr. Hunte Lives and he’s an antique himself. Just ask him to join you for a glass of rum and listen to his stories from a bygone era. It’ like stepping straight into a Dickens novel!

Day 5

Morning – Electric Mountain Bike Tour

This bike experience turned out to be an excellent way to see Barbados’ south coast and places you would not get to see in a car. The views on the trails are incredible. It’s wonderful to be able to hop off and take a picture whenever you want, especially of the beautiful colors of the ocean of the rugged cliffs. We were kept well hydrated with a stop by local coconut vendor for refreshing local coconut water. The electric bikes are very comfortable and are as easy to handle on the trails and on the road.

Afternoon- It’s time to hit the best beaches Barbados has to offer in Bathsheba!

Witness the most heavenly sunset ever. It is on the east coast, the other side of Barbados, you wouldn’t have a problem to reach there as Hilton Hotel’s rental car service is very feasible. The east coast is very wild, with the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains nearby, this part of the island feels remote and authentic away from the cruise boats and the tourist crowds. It is also the perfect spot if you are a surfer. After strolling through all the beaches, it is recommended that you head towards Soup Bowl after supper, a beach famous for its waves and its floating rocks.

Evening- Bajan Bus Tour

The Bajans are such warm people that they deserve to be successful as they work so hard and treat others with such respect. It’s humbling to see the kindness they all show each other. He made the trip special for us because of his local knowledge. It was a bus which was better than large coaches as we go to know every on the bus by the end of the trip. It was nice to see the sights without reading a map and some of the roads were narrow and steep so we would definitely have missed the scenery if we were driving.

Day 6

Morning- Visit George Washington’s House

Something many people don’t know is that George Washington visited Barbados in 1751 and spent two months here. A trip to historic house is one of the thrilling adventures in Barbados. It belongs to Barbados National Trust and is preserved to showcase life as it was more than 250 years ago. Start your explorations on the ground floor you will see the bedroom with a massive four poster bed and mosquito netting. Beautiful chairs, marble topped tables and a variety of cutlery and crockery is also on display. The second floor holds displays of items typically used in the mid-18th century. Listen to the audio aids and watch the visual to get a fabulous insight.

Afternoon- Mount Gay Rum Distilleries Tour

Sip some of the oldest rum at the iconic Barbados attraction. The island is considered to be the birthplace of this famous drink which is integral part of its culture, traditions and history. It was founded in 1703, thought to be one of the oldest in the world. Seafaring men have stopped here to sip the ancient amber colored liquid for mare than three centuries and you can do the same when you visit the Mount Gay Visitor Centre.

Evening- Rihanna Drive

You don’t know it yet? The street where Rihanna lives in Barbados is officially renamed after her now as “Rihanna Drive” while you are in Barbados don’t forget to miss this attraction, you might get lucky and get a chance meeting her. This street was formerly known as Westbury New Road. Stroll the residential street and neighbors will wave and maybe tell you a few things about Rihanna’s Childhood. A plaque with a photo of the star and her history marks the corner of the street, along with an official street sign. A bar next to the plaque displays bright red bottle caps with Rihanna’s hits painted on the sidewalk and a collage of her song titles, along with suggestions to “pour it up” at the side of the corner bar. If you are a Fan of Rihanna and Music then there can be no better way to put an end to our 6th day at Barbados.

Day 7

Morning- Nikki Beach Barbados

Since it’s your last day in Barbados, and obviously like me you will be tired to an extent where “Party” will be the only thing in your mind and Nikki Beach Barbados is meant for partying. Luxury beach club concept Nikki Beach has been taking over the world since it’s inception in 1998. It is on everyone’s Caribbean must-to-do list. It is the first luxury beach club property on the island and sits on one and a half acres of unsurprisingly gorgeous beachfront. Offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the turquoise water. Sipping whiskey on this club would make you feel like the master of your world that you have crafted so beautifully.

Afternoon – Horse Back Riding Adventures

It’s a perfect way to see the natural beauty of Barbados’ country side, the beautiful east coast shoreline and beach. Upon arrival to the stables you will be met by your friendly, accomplished and trained guides who will match you with a horse to suit your riding experience. It is ideal for couples, families and perfect for beginners. Your safety and security are well ensured by your professional guides. They will ensure you feel comfortable and confident at all times.

Evening – More Partying at Harbor Lights

It is perhaps one of the most popular night clubs on the island. They have local floor shows with stilt men and limbo dancers on a Wednesday night usually which continues to a free drinks party until about 2 am. Fridays are the more popular night with the locals, and its free drinks until 3 am. Harbor Light is located on Bay Street just a few minutes south of Bridgetown. It is definitely worth check and best blowing off steam and tiredness of the whole week.


I hope you liked my 7 days Itinerary to Barbados. There are a lot of things which you can do that aren’t on the list, but I extracted the essence of “tourism” and “adventure” in Barbados for you. This is what the Caribbean has to offer. So, make sure you refer to this post while you in Barbados and see that you haven’t missed any of the interesting things!