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Enough with the Planning! Here is What You Should Not Plan While Traveling

  • By James Philip
  • June 6, 2019

Enough with the Planning! Here is What You Should Not Plan While Traveling

It’s significant to balance out planning for a trip so that you and loved one don’t feel overwhelmingly stuffed. We firmly believe that each minute you spend wasting in the hotel looking stuff up, is a moment you don’t get to enjoy your trip!

However, on the same note, if you plan to chalk out every single day of your trip down to every minute detail, you are likely to get frustrated when your travel plans inescapably fall apart and your enthusiastic, perfectly planned days – or weeks, or months – are ruined.

Well, as all of us would classify ourselves as travelers who are prone to accidents and some would even go to the extent to believe they attract travel fails and catastrophes, so much so that they have learned to always expect the worst.

Repeat after us: A well-planned trip necessitates room for flexibility and failure!

Here’s what we recommend, not worrying about while you are planning a trip!


Planning each day of your travel trip is supposed to be a recipe for disaster: maybe one day you get up not excited for the activities you planned for the day, possibly the weather turns, perhaps you find something more interesting you’d like to do instead, once you unload at your travel destination.

Sometimes it seems inescapable, but whenever you can help it, permit yourself some room for change.

Instead, we suggest planning out a few day options to pick from: possibly a group of activities all in one area, or a day for visiting museums, etc.

Every day, you can pick from your options based on what you feel like doing that particular day! You can go to the museum day when the weather seems miserable; you can choose the day that involves the least amount of walking when you’re tired.

Also, allow yourself at least few days every week that are absolutely unplanned: that way, you can loosen up and do whatever you believe you have missed, explore somewhere new, or just take a day off from exploring to relax!

Don’t Schedule Every Meal

Your hunger pangs may be unpredictable while traveling (people typically find themselves getting hungrier during travel, thanks to our heightened activity levels) and waiting out for the perfect meal could end up in frustration and extreme hunger.

Instead, select one or two eateries that you would be willing to go out of your way for, or perhaps write down a number of options. However, don’t plan on visiting all of them, and precisely don’t plan out which ones you’ll visit when!

Letting your meals be completely unplanned is OK:

You can find some eccentric options by going through Sky ITL or by asking locals or other wanderers you meet, for suggestions. Picking a spot filled with locals is a safe bet, too.

Don’t Plan Out Every Outfit

Packing individual clothes adds up rapidly and can easily make your sensible carry-on purse escalate to an expensive checked bag. Apart from that, everything from your mood to the weather each day could change, and your pre-planned clothes may no longer be convenient.

Instead, pack outfits that all go together and can be mixed and matched feasibly if needed. The safest bet is to keep all the clothes you bring within the same family of colors, accompanying a few basic templates: shirt + pants + scarf + cardigan, say, and then you could bring some pairs of pants and few shirts and a perhaps some scarves to mix and match.