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France For Hiking Enthusiasts

  • By Charles Smith
  • August 14, 2019

France For Hiking Enthusiasts

When one wonders for a holiday in France, few things that pops up into everyone’s mind is the fine wine they serve in restaurants, the heavenly chocolates that are up for tasting, beautiful cities with historical values, mesmerizing art and exquisite architecture.

However, one of the most exotic things to do in France would be strapping on your climbing shoes and heading out on some of the most astonishing hikes.

France is rich with natural beauty, having stunning mountains and hills which you must visit, or count yourself among the unluckiest ones because no wise person would go any further without contemplating the heavenly natural beauty of France.

Le Chemin des Rognes

The tracks of Le Chemin des Rognes is known as “Tour du Mont Blanc” which not only has astonishing views but a history which is important to people of France. The track came into existence after the deadly flooding disaster of 1892, caused by a glacial lake beneath Tete Rousse glacier. Later, to prevent any kind of flooding, the authorities dug a lateral tunnel to encourage the new pocket of water so that it could diminish towards the Bionnassay which is yet another glacier. To do all this work the authorities needed a route and that is how “Tour du Mont Blanc” came into existence.

It’s a very strenuous trail which begins in Bellevue and ends in Baraque des Rognes. It has the most breath-taking view of the highest peak in all of the western Europe the Mont Blanc itself. The hike usually takes three to five hours to complete and animals like ibex could be spotted easily as they are very common. This terrain is not for someone who does not have enough courage as some areas on the trail are extremely exposed and could be very rough in thunderstorms and snow squalls.

An Ibex is seen in front of Mont Blanc

This kind of challenging and daring hike would make you hungry like you’ve never been before, so stop by the beautiful restaurants for an interesting twist of French/Mediterranean fusion which would act as a worthy reward for taking one of the most daring hikes in France.

The GR 20

If you are really a hiking enthusiast then GR 20 is your dream come true!

It is a very long-distance trail that goes through Corsica diagonally from north to south. It is perhaps the most difficult of all the GR routes and one of the most extravagant mountain trails in Europe which is 180 km long with a varying height of about 10 000 meters. It takes about 15 days to complete by walking. This trail is not for those having a faint heart, perfect fitness level is needed for walking over a variety of rugged terrains.

There are huts available at various points through out the trail for overnight stays, sheltering from bad weather and for grabbing a bite.

The GR 20 Trail Route

The northern section of the hike is steep and rocky but you would forget all that struggle once you are awe struck by the mesmerizing views that it is surrounded with. The summit is an absolutely spectacular place which would make you feel like the king of the world after all the hard work you have been through, reaching the top would be an adequate reward for it brings sensations that are not ordinary but priceless.

Grand Traverse des Alpes OR GR5

It is perhaps one of the world’s most spectacular long-distance trails. If you are really a hiking enthusiast then you already know about the infamous GR5. The GR5 makes its way through the Alps from the shores of Lac Lecmen at Geneva to the Mediterranean at Nice which is a route of 674km (420 miles) and takes a month to be completed!

Trail Route GR5-France

There are good sign postings to guide your way along the trail with accommodation, food and drink all available at regular intervals. The tracks are generally well graded, while steep climbs are tackled on zigzag paths so the overall gradient is not so severe for travelers. This hike is particularly famous for its panoramic, gorgeous views of French Alps.

A lake enroute to GR 5

Robert Louis Stevenson Trail

If you are a hiking enthusiast and a fan of literature as well then missing out on Robert Louis Stevenson’s trail wouldn’t be a wise thing to do when you visit France.

The path of the trail follows the footsteps of the famous author RL. Stevenson whose journey of the 1878 inspired his book Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes. Later on his inspiration lead to more novels that we have been reading since childhood like the popular Treasure Island and Doctor Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.

Route of RL. Stevenson Trail- France

The trekking begins in Le Monastier and ends in St. Jean du Gard which takes approximately two weeks to complete, the trail is relatively easy to walk but withholds views that would definitely give you goosebumps and no one can put a price over that.

These are the must visit hiking trails if you are really a committed hiking enthusiast. Each and every track route withholds astonishing views and hospitality that France has to offer.