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Hike, Bike and Snorkel at Oahu!

  • By James Philip
  • September 20, 2019

Hike, Bike and Snorkel at Oahu!

Visiting Honolulu? Don’t miss a drive through Oahu!! Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii, and is located on the island of Oahu. A splendid tourist spot for as the Hawaiian Islands, or small beach towns are around Oahu. The place is dense with the activity.

The trip will include top 3 areas on the Island – the North Shore, the east side of Oahu and Waikiki. A low budget trip in Oahu can give you a great experience of exploring the city of beaches. The top things to do on Oahu in just 3 days:

  1. Snorkeling at Queen’s Beach
  2. Hiking to Diamond Head crater summit
  3. Cycling on ride share
  4. Shopping on Kalakaua Avenue
  5. Snorkeling at Shark’s cove
  6. Food at famous restaurants like Matsumoto Shave Ice & Shrimp Truck
  7. Beach lazing at Sunset beach
  8. Turtle spotting at Laniakea Beach
  9. Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay
  10. Hiking on Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail
  11. Hiking on Kokohead Trail

How to put these things into a three days Hawaii?

Day 1 at Waikiki journey

Waikiki is the hotspot of Oahu – presuming that you’ll be staying in Waikiki. The very first day at Oahu will never exhaust you.

Quick check of the things to do in/around Waikiki for day 1.
  1. Diamond Head trail for Hiking
  2. Queens’s beach at Waikiki for Snorkeling
  3. Ride sharing in Waikiki
  4. Shopping at Kalakaua Avenue
How to travel around in Waikiki on Day 1?

Walking can be good way to see around Waikiki deeply and sighting astounding sites. Hiking at Diamond Head is a bit further, but reaching there through walk is possible. However, there are other mediums of travel from Waikiki to Diamond Head.

For instance, visitors can take a trolley to Diamond Head from Waikiki that will remain cast back in one’s mind. Moreover, ride sharing is something you can opt for to make some new friends at this phenomenal place. Queen’s beach – east of Waikiki beach but stunning place for quiet and relaxing time. The snorkeling at the beach will be cherry on the top giving you hush environment.

Day 2 at North Shore Journey

Quick check of the things to do in/around Waikiki for day 2.
  1. Snorkeling at Shark’s Cove
  2. Matsumoto Shave Ice for lunch
  3. Beach lazing at Sunset beach
  4. Turtle bay resort to watch turtles
How to travel around on Day 2?

Through rent a car, we can make the tourists travel from Waikiki to the Matsumoto Shave Ice where you will find best cuisine of Hawaii. The drive will be approximately of 12 mins. Bus is also an option for the tourists to take itinerary to Matsumoto Shave Ice, but it will take 15 mins. You can also rent a bicycle near Shark’s Cove, if you’ve the adequate stamina to ride to Matsumoto Shave Ice.

After done with the lunch, cruise towards beach to watch some turtles until the sunset!

Day 3 at Windward Oahu (east side)

Quick check of the things to do on east side of Oahu for day 3.
  1. Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay
  2. Makapuu Lighthouse trail
  3. Dinner at Shrimp Truck
  4. Kokohead Trail
How to travel around on Day 3?

Renting a car will be convenient due to distance – from Waikiki to east side of Oahu.

Traveling through a bus is also possible but again, it will be time consuming. Hence, you will have to limit the activities, if chose to travel via bus. Moreover, the waiting time is also too long.

Once the sunset, drive to Shrimp Truck for dinner for famous and delicious food before you sleep. From turtle bay resort the Shrimp truck is 22 mins away on private car. Whereas, bus will take over half an hour. Kokohead trail will be stunning spot for hiking after lunch – from semi-pro to professional hikers all visit to phenomenal site.

Something is missing from this Oahu journey?

There two notable places at Oahu that must be visited, if you’ve the adequate time in the city.

Pearl Harbor

The place has USS Arizona memorial, the most iconic part of Pearl Harbor. You can spend couple of hours or even a day. You can check the National Park service website to see opening dates, it keeps on changing. Worth going place cognize the deep tragedy that had a global connotation.

Hawaiian luau

A full day going place with a visit to Polynesian Cultural Center – Hawaiian luau is also known as Hawaiian entertainment and food. You can also simply attend an evening luau.