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Not a Big Fan of Traveling Alone? Here is How Solo Travel Can Boost Your Emotional Well-Being

  • By James Philip
  • June 20, 2019

Not a Big Fan of Traveling Alone? Here is How Solo Travel Can Boost Your Emotional Well-Being

Having no companion to travel with is one of the most regularly cited explanations that prevents people from traveling. Most of the times, solo travel isn’t even kept as an option due to doubts about it being unsafe, lonely, and boring.

And yet solo travel can precisely be one of the most worthwhile ways to travel. People who have travelled alone know this for the fact that there are so many benefits of traveling alone that now, they actually prefer it. The pros of traveling solo far outweigh the cons.

Utter and Complete Freedom

Solo travel provides you with absolute and utter freedom. When you travel with companions, you have to be understanding of what they might wish to do at any point in time or where they would prefer to go. However, with solo travel, there is literally nothing stopping you from doing whatever the hell you want, whenever you want.

Imagine how good it would feel just to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it. What would it be like for once in your life to be utterly and totally selfish without it being a bad thing? That’s what solo travel is all about, every day.

You’ll Make More Friends

Most people are not particularly a fan of putting themselves out there and engage with strangers to turn them into new friends. That means that if we are not really pushed into doing it a lot of the time, most of us will choose to make our lives easier and just not bother. That is precisely what happens to most people while traveling with a companion. There remains no necessity to meet new people there, so they just don’t bother. All of us have been guilty of this, a lot of times in the past. You already have a companion with you to explore or visit that bar with so unless a stranger happens to begin a conversation with you, chances are; you won’t take that initiative either. Just think of all the incredible folks that might have crossed your path but didn’t engage because you preferred to stay in your comfort zone.

There’s No Drama

Travel is a tremendously personal thing, and what one individual likes to do while traveling will be varied from another. Unless you and your travel companion match perfectly up in your traveling preferences, it’s very likely that the two of you would fall out at some point in your trip. Even if you already been together for a long time at home and think your interests match up reasonably well, nothing can equip you for what it will be like during traveling together. Traveling together means you will be accompanied by each other 24/7. There will be sharing of rooms, sleeping curled up with each other on bus rides, trekking up mountains together and working out how to find your accommodation when both are grumpy and sleep deprived. These circumstances can result in a strain on even the closest of relationships.

Travel, generally, is one of the most incredible life experiences you can have, but there are even more advantages if you decide to go solo. So, what are you waiting for? Stop hiding behind the excuse of having no one to travel with. Book a trip, start packing. You won’t regret it.