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The 10 Most Budget-Friendly Places to visit in 2021

  • By Alex
  • April 1, 2021

The 10 Most Budget-Friendly Places to visit in 2021

People love to travel and explore new places, and nearly everyone has that one particular place that they have always dreamed about visiting. But traveling today to a popular or a secluded place requires a person to have sufficient financial resources as you need to pay for the airline tickets, hotel reservation, food, transportation, activities, and not forget shopping for yourself or your loved ones.

Traveling is a common activity that most people and particularly families do in their holidays and vacations. But not everyone is affluent to afford to travel in first class or stay up to five star hotel or go on an extravagant cruise tour. A person who travels regularly gets the option of using ‘Frequent Flyer Miles,’ but not everyone has this option and people rely on budget friendly tours and booking their tickets and hotel reservation in advance to get discount and lower their expenses on traveling. The popular and exotic tourist destinations may be quite expensive to travel to but you can always make a plan to visit some of the budget friendly yet beautiful places. The 10 best budget friendly places to visit in 2021 include


Nearly all the countries in Europe have serene beauty and mesmerizing natural landscape. Hungary is still the most beautiful and budget friendly country in Europe. The capital, Budapest, is a beautiful city to visit. The city has many attractive spots with numerous restaurants and cafes to enjoy your evenings. The famous landmarks such as Chain Bridge and Fisherman’s Bastion. Budapest is known for the best thermal baths in the world. The average hotel reservation is $15, and the average cost of the meal is $7


The meeting point of Greek, Ottoman, Persian, and Slavic culture is none other than Bulgaria, which is also quite attractive and one of the cheapest country to visit in Europe. The country has a famous beach resort on the Black Sea which is also named as the cheapest beach getaway in Europe. The golden and sandy beaches are amazing along with epic mountains and glistening lakes. The average hotel stay is $11, and the average meal is $5.


Situated in both Europe and Asia is a spectacular country called ‘Azerbaijan’ which is slowly becoming a popular tourist destination. Azerbaijan is considered to be a budget friendly tourist place, but the quality of food, accommodation, and tours is splendid and the landscape is picturesque too. In local markets, you can have a fulfilling in about $2. The hotel accommodation is as low as $7.


If you want to see ancient history and culture along with enchanting places along the Mediterranean Sea, then Greece is the best place for you. The capital of Athens has hosted the Olympic Games a number of times and most of the sightseeing in the city are free of cost. The places to visit are Acropolis and the Parthenon museum.


One of the most common tourist destinations in Asia is Thailand which is filled with exotic beaches, theme parks, and cheap market places. Thailand has always been known as the cheapest place to visit. Everything from hotel stays to food and transportation is quite affordable. A three course meal is about $17 while the hotel accommodation comes within $25.



Another South Asian country that is quite budget friendly is Vietnam. The country is filled with natural beauty with forests, lakes, mountains, and terraced fields of rice. Vietnam is also home to the biggest natural cave. The cost of a hotel stay is $8, while the average meal is $7.


The countries of the African continent may not be as popular as European countries but there are quite enchanting and picturesque in beauty. Tunisia is a beautiful North African country with sandy Mediterranean beaches, rolling dunes of the vast Sahara desert. Car transportation is $55 a day, and the average accommodation is $25.


It may be the smallest country in Europe but Montenegro is a sensational place to visit with idyllic towns, surreal landscapes, and remarkable countryside. The famous Adriatic Sea stretches the coastline and the mountains are favorite spot among those who are passionate about hiking. The average cost of a hotel reservation is $11, while the cost of an average meal is $9.



One of the best reasons to visit Albania is the scenic beaches. The country is a hidden gem when it comes to charming towns, fascinating landscapes, and stunning mountains. The best part of the country is the Albanian Riviera which ends in a small town in Greece. The capital Tirana has many art museums, galleries, cafes, and restaurants. The average cost of living in a hotel for a night is $8, and the average cost of the meal is $6.


If you always plan to visit Italy and Greece but not find affordable tourist deals, then the next best place to visit in Croatia. One of the most popular television series, ‘Games of Thrones’ has been filmed in this amazing country. Croatia is a popular destination for people who love adventurous activities such as kayaking, diving, sailing, and other water sports. The country is also home to many natural parks, beautiful beaches, and hiking trails in the mountains. Croatia is quite a budget friendly place with an average hotel stay is $16, and the average cost of the meal is $9.


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