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The 5 Day Schedule of A Trip to San Francisco

  • By Charles Smith
  • September 24, 2019

The 5 Day Schedule of A Trip to San Francisco

Out of all the trips I’ve planned till yet, my trip last month to San Francisco was by far one of the most peaceful and exciting experiences of my life! Being on a solo trip, just to be away from all the corporate stress, this trip proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve made! Since I had only 5 days and had to plan an amazing trip to a nearby location, I surveyed multiple service providers and explored numerous blogs, just to create a satisfying and relaxing itinerary. Here is the complete description of the routine I followed, in order to brief you, for when you plan your trip to the magnificent city of San Francisco.

Day 1: Hotel Check-In and The Visit to The GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE:

I arrived from California to San Francisco around 5:00 pm, booked a tax and headed towards the Four Seasons Hotel, where I had already booked a reservation, online. As I reached the hotel, I submitted some details after which I was guided to my room. The room was really spacious and had been kept very clean and hygienic. It was a very pleasant experience considering the room I was given and the customer service I was offered. After resting for a few hours, I was finally over my Jet Lag, and decided to visit the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE as my first stop in San Francisco. Having heard so much about the magical wonder, I wasn’t disappointed at all once I reached there. The bridge is majestic, and truly a magical spot to be at night. Spread across 1.7 miles, and decorated with luminous lights, the bridge provided an excellent nightlife experience. There were a few amazing restaurants nearby too, thus, making it a brilliant first day in San Francisco.

Day 2: The Trip to the Un-escapable Alcatraz and The San Francisco Helicopter Tour:

Being overly obsessed with movies of the genre; crime and action, visiting Alcatraz was a must! I left the hotel, early morning, to stop by for a luxurious dinner at La Folie. For people, who wish to stay budget friendly, make sure to check out the local joints in city centers, which serve delicious yet economical food! The meal was scrumptious and the ambiance, aesthetic. It certainly felt like a glorious eve in France, since the meal consisted of French-origin main courses. I had booked the tickets a week prior to the visit, since, at times it may be very difficult to obtain tickets on spot. As per the plan, I had reached the pickup stop, after which I was guided towards the ferry-based trip to Alcatraz. The tour was simply amazing and Alcatraz was certainly more spectacular, than it is shown in movies! The tour lasted approximately for 2.5 hours, and included within the tour was an audio brief Alcatraz’s history, complimentary books and DVDs of Alcatraz and brilliant night-tour activities. Following the tour was a breathtaking helicopter tour. The tour helped me gain a surreal view of Alcatraz and other attractions in San Francisco. Lasting for a brief time, the tour was still the highlight of my day!

Day 3: Enjoyment and Shopping Day at Union Square

It’s always fun to collect souvenirs from your trip, hence day 3 was all about the shopping experience at Union Square. I left early in order to spend more time in surveying the city’s iconic shopping zone. After reaching there, I realized why it was known as a ‘shopper’s paradise’. With so much variety and a range of items to choose from, it was certainly a tricky yet fun shopping experience. There is a huge range of merchandise related to clothing, shoes, home décor, paintings and food items to choose from. It was a budget friendly shopping experience, which allowed me to stuff my suitcase with things I can store and cherish for years. The day ended with a relaxing dinner in the hotel along with a comforting Netflix night.

Day 4: A Tour of China Town and the Exciting Autumn Moon Festival

Luckily, I was visiting San Francisco during the time, when the Autumn Moon Festival was to be held. Located on Grant Avenue, there is the biggest china town in North America. Hence, it was a must visit. I must say, it was certainly something I had not expected. The people were exceptionally kind and hospitable, the food was so authentic and tasty and the aura was definitely very pleasing. The entire place was decorated as per the Chinese traditions. It was fun to explore an entirely new culture, and gave me the opportunity to enjoy a glorious evening. This is an amazing place to go, if you are fond of exploring different cultures and are fond of authentic Chinese cuisine! Definitely an evening well spent!

Day 5 (The Last Day): A Visit to Golden Gate Park Along with A Relaxing Eve at Ocean Park:

Since It was my last day in San Francisco, with a return-flight in the evening, I decide to best-utilize my day. Since, I wanted to a calm and relaxing experience and something in contact with nature, I found it best to take a tour of the golden gate park and end my journey at the Ocean beach. The park was one of the most serene places I have visited, since it was full of greenery and beautiful flowers. It was certainly relaxing to spend time, as it allowed me to gain spiritual happiness. Next, I head of to the Ocean beach, which was an Unwinding experience. The cool weather complimented the moderate tides and provided a great beach trip. It was amazing to sit at the beach, watch the shore, and admire the blessings we humans have. I returned to the hotel in time to check out, and set of towards the airport for my flight.


The experiences and journeys in San Francisco were enlightening and gave me the much-needed break from my corporate routine It is highly recommended to all the people who wish to enjoy a relaxing tour, want to explore art, cultures and artifacts and are planning for a small trip which promises the best experience!