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The Best Guide To New Zealand

  • By Denny Hopkin
  • January 1, 2020

The Best Guide To New Zealand

My Hot Favorite Travel Destination, New Zealand

New Zealand is one of my cherished travel destinations, and this is the reason I decided to share a Travel Guide. The world’s fascination place has to offer several tourist attractions, for example:

  • Incredible Metropolitan Cities
  • Ancient Kauri Trails
  • Glaciers & Treks
  • Wine & Food
  • Rolling Hills
  • Surf Breaks

There Is Something for Everybody!

Furthermore, National Parks, glacier trekking, and several extraordinary games in New Zealand altogether make it a wonderful tourist destination, particularly for the individuals who look for adventure and adrenaline. In fact, this is the origin of commercial bungee jumping.

I have to say; the place has to offer a rich history and a mind-blowing M?ori culture, in addition to local people who are probably the most inviting I've ever met. There is such a long list of attractions to add New Zealand to your must-visit list!

Ideal Time to Visit New Zealand

In my opinion, there is no unfavorable time to plan your visit to New Zealand; however, you do need to consider the various seasons and activities to take advantage of your tour.

The destination has a high season in the months of summer (Dec - Feb). In the event that you intend to visit during these months, my advice would be to book your accommodations and flights in advance, this way; you will be able to avail a good discount.

During the months of Mar-May, possibly will be the best time to deal with New Zealand’s Great Walks, in case you're a hiker. It's additionally a decent alternative period for budget travelers from the US, due to the reduced prices of flights during these months.

What to Expect in New Zealand?


You should not be surprised to know that New Zealand has three official languages:

  • English
  • Maori
  • New Zealand Sign Language


You should be aware that New Zealand’s currency is known as the New Zealand Dollar, and you can check the conversion rates of USD to New Zealand Dollars.


There are type I plugs, and the standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz. As per my recommendation, acquiring a universal adapter (ensure it has surge protection) and utilizing a converter for hairdryers and hot devices would save you from inconveniences.

Credit Cards and ATMs

There should not be any problem when it comes to utilizing your credit or debit card because New Zealand has a cutting-edge banking sector and its facilities. With regards to Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro, you can utilize it intended for purchases or cash withdrawals.


The country is perhaps the most secure one on the planet and is probably the best travel destination for solo female travelers. On the other hand, negligible stealing is a reality in New Zealand. You need to ensure that you practice sound judgment and watch out for your belongings to stay away from any trouble as long as you're out of the country.