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The Travel Trends You Need to Know while going on vacation in 2020

  • By Charles Smith
  • January 17, 2020

The Travel Trends You Need to Know while going on vacation in 2020

A new year means a new beginning and new traveling goals for many of us. I am sure most of you have already got many ideas and developed your own bucket list when choosing the tourist destination you want to visit in 2020. The advancement of technology and social consciousness have considerably influenced the travel decisions for most people. Today, it is very easy for a person to search for a popular destination and plan a trip either alone or with family or friends.

The number of exotic and serene places to travel are no doubt endless, but you need to make the right travel resolutions and try to follow it for a more exhilarating experience. The different aspects of travel that you must consider before going on a trip to your desired place are

  • Travel Solo

The thought of traveling alone may seem challenging and daunting for some people, particularly those who do not have much experience in traveling alone. But traveling alone can be exciting and rewarding if you know how to manage your trip. You can overcome obstacles on your own and get out of your comfort zone. You can make new friends, explore places on your own, navigate new routes, and also discover yourself. Even studies indicate that solitude in a serene environment increases happiness and satisfaction.

  • Document your travel

To make your traveling experience more unique and fulfilling, you must write about everything from the moment you pack your bags to the moment you land in your destination and begin your travel. Traditionally people used to keep diaries, and most of them still do but now everyone has got smartphones and video cameras to visually record their experience and share it on their social media network. Some of the travel journal ideas are

  1. List the places you want to visit
  2. Talk about interaction with people you meet while traveling
  3. Recommend must-sees for your family and friends
  4. Keep tour tickets, train tickets, and boarding passes as a memory
  5. Describe the local food and markets
  • Enjoy each moment and disconnect yourself from social media

Today, social media has become an essential part of nearly everyone’s life. Many youngsters use social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram quite a lot and cannot wait to share a beautiful picture with their friends and acquaintances. But if you are looking for relaxation and tranquility, then you must enjoy the blissfulness of place and avoid using mobile phones.

  • Try to spend an environmentally friendly vacation

People travel all around the world, but many people are casual about maintaining cleanliness and often do not follow the rules. You have to promise that you will leave a positive impact on the environment. There is a growing concept of sustainable travel which helps you make informed choices. Some of the tips you must consider are

  1. Pack light and keep only the things that you would use
  2. Choose eco-friendly accommodation and modes of transport
  3. Do not engage yourself in animal tourism
  4. Carry your own reusable bags when you go out shopping
  5. Eat local food and buy local products
  6. Book your flights early to get discounts and travel with budget airline
  7. Avoid going to places you know would be crowded with tourists
  • Travel to one of the Seven Wonders of the World

Since childhood, you must have heard about the Seven Wonders of the World and why they are given this status. Now is the opportunity to visit the amazing and iconic places and structures. The wonders are located in five different continents and some of the famous ones are

  1. Machu Picchu in Chile
  2. Great Wall of China in China
  3. Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  4. The Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy
  5. Petra in Jordan
  6. Taj Mahal in Agra, India
  7. Chichen Itza in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
  • Tour your own country and explore wonderful places

People think traveling means booking a ticket and going to a faraway place, but there are plenty of spectacular places within your country that you could explore. The best thing about visiting places in your own country is that you know the language, customs, and values which will make your travel an easy one. You can

  1. Make a list of exotic places that you have yet to visit
  2. Take your family and friends for the trip
  3. Try numerous local foods and drinks
  4. Check out annual events and activities
  5. Go on a historical tour
  • Try to take your pets with you

People are very attached to their pets and leaving your cute little cat or dog while going for a vacation tour is a sad moment. But gradually, the laws of traveling with your pet have been amended. There are also many hotels who are offering pet friendly environment after a recent survey suggested that pet owners are willing to pay extra if they get to travel with their pet.

  • Plan a grand trip with your loved ones

Many people might not believe it but sending time and traveling with your grandparents or older relatives will be a big traveling trend in this New Year. The grandparent shares a special bond with their grandkids and many grandparents feel that spending replica tag heuer time with grandkids make them feel young and active. While traveling with grandparents to the Alps or African Safari may not be the best idea but you can always take them to places such as Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, or New Zealand.

  • Try to go on exciting tours and activities

Previously tourists had a list of particular trips and activities that they indulge in while going on vacations. But now travelers are more inclined to experience various exciting activities.

  • Slow things down

Naturally, you would be eager to see the place on your tour and then hurry to visit the next. But 2020 is the year to slow things down and take your time to enjoy your travel fully. There is a growing awareness among tourists and travelers to use energy efficient means of transportation to reduce the carbon footprint. The greener modes of travel include trams, boats, and peddle bikes.