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Tour to Tara Iti, A Heavenly Golf Oasis, Top New Zealand Golf Course

  • By Charles Smith
  • October 24, 2019

Tour to Tara Iti, A Heavenly Golf Oasis, Top New Zealand Golf Course

No course has ranked at the top-level on a Golf Digest course as compared to this little-known New Zealand golf course. One visit justifies it all!

Image Source: Golf Digest

It's little known, magical spot, in mint condition, it started in 2015, and in pieces for the reason that the club doesn't allocate any money on its promotion or marketing. Some of the photos or insights regarding the club have made it to the people. That is going to change because golf players around the world will shortly add this magical golf course to their ‘’ must-see’’ list.

Image Source: AirSwing Media

On the ranking of World's 100 Greatest Golf Courses on Golf Digest, Tara Iti sits at No. 6, resulting in the most noteworthy appearance on any of Golf Digest’s course standings. It's a dominant private American-style golf club situated in New Zealand, and the club offers hand-picked limited membership to make sure the club keeps up a laid-back, welcoming feel.

Tara Iti is situated on the Te Arai coast, south of Mangawhai (pronounced Mang-gah-fai) on the North Island of New Zealand. In case that appears far away, that is for a reason, it actually is. Our journey to Tara Iti started in Auckland, which is around 65 miles south. Auckland is the country’s biggest city, and it gives a feeling similar to large towns.

About 40 minutes of the drive into the city, the backdrop disappeared, and the mountains of New Zealand started to show up. It’s hard to get to the main entrance at the club. The chest-high wooden gate in position there will probably stay, essentially for the reason that most corners of the club have only modest types of beauty. We stepped in, then walked throughout the clubhouse. Seeing the 18th hole from behind its green, and seeing it all the way towards ocean backdrop with mountains in the far distance is the moment we truly realized we were some place unique.

Image Source: No Laying Up

One of New Zealand's major surfing spots ‘’Te Arai Beach’’ is the location where the property is situated on. People of indigenous Polynesian recognized as the Maoris sold it in 2012 to Richard Kayne, a wealthy American investor. Kayne loved it when he visited New Zealand with his wife in 1996. He owned 570 acres of Kiwi land and appointed American architect Tom Doak to construct the course for him.

The Maoris term, Te Arai Point, as the particular point between earth and heaven, and when we walked out onto the beach and saw that connection of land and sea, truly understood why.

Tara Iti meets the ocean’s coast for seven miles, with a wide-ranging beach made of fine sand that never gets smaller than 50 yards. We walked north on the beach for about a mile before getting to a large sand dune to our left. During three hours on the beach, we never saw another soul. It gave a feeling like an untouched corner of the world.

We decided to actually play Tara Iti the next morning. Every hole has an exclusive view on the water, and the course, which was constructed on a naturally sandy site, is based on fescue grass from tee to green. The designers of the course made a wide range of knolls, dunes, and punchbowls that challenges a golfer's game and involves the mind during entire game.

Washed-out zones of sand cover the course; however, there isn’t a single bunker out there. There are waste areas, and golfers can base their club anyplace. There's also limited stuff on the course, four sets of tee markers on each hole are marked by stones that are from a local quarry.

Tara Iti is a private club; however, it doesn’t mean that other people can’t get access. Individuals who aren’t member can still inquire about playing, however, with the understanding that they're permitted to visit the club just once. The club can entertain more visitors during the off-season (April – October), and then during the busy season (November – March). But don't let the expression "off-season" trick you, this is on the grounds that winters in Mangawhai are mild and ideal for links golf (highs over in the high 50s during the coldest month of July).

The time ahead of Tara Iti is unpredictable. At this time, it's hard to predict whether it'll turn into a more exclusive or more public place as it develops. Without a doubt, Kayne possesses considerably more land just south of the golf course along the beach. However, there are already rumors about a conceivable expansion of one or two courses, and both possibly will be public.

As far as the cost is concerned, it is a private golf course and open to members and invited guests only. Just to give an estimate, the membership can cost around $10,000 to $20,000/year.