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Want to Know If You are Born to Travel? Here are Tell-Tale Traits for Wanderlust

  • By Charles Smith
  • July 10, 2019

Want to Know If You are Born to Travel? Here are Tell-Tale Traits for Wanderlust

A traveler with incurable wanderlust. Join the club!

It has to be a gene. The wanderlust, I mean. Actually, the scientists are debating that the longing to seek out new horizons, explore the cities and countryside and discover hidden gems can actually be attributed to your genes; however, not just one.

Come discover with SKY ITL if you possess this gene and are, actually, born to travel. Even if you can’t appear to relate to everything, read on and dream from your comfortable couch, and maybe you will become inspired.

You’ve always been crazy about maps

Apart from learning Geography in class and really appreciating it, you were always fond of National Geographic.  If you are passionate about maps, then you will relate to this. And if you have maps on your walls rather than paintings, don’t worry, you are a perfectly normal wanderer.

You have no issues in justifying your budget for traveling

When people around you tell you that the money you spent on your travel adventures could have been better utilized for physical things like on clothes, a vehicle or even a house, it may be time to put a stop to that conversation. Well, maybe not that drastic of a measure needs to be taken. However, these people just do not comprehend the enormous investment you have made in discoveries which will be cherished for a lifetime to come.

You are the perfect exemplar of the curious human being

Exploration, migration, and discovering new frontiers have been vital to human’s conquest of the planet Earth. If you have that constant urge to explore new places, food, and faces, then you precisely got the travel bug.

There is no cure, except to actually give in and travel. If you have to stay at home, you will curl up and surely regret not getting out there.

You know all about packing

If you have the travel bug, chances are, you are always ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Since you might get a sudden attack anytime. As you know, the secret is to be able to pack the essentials in a jiffy instant in the lightest of bags.

You never need to review your internal list of what is permitted or not. You just remember it all by heart. To the same vein, you are a minimalist since you avoid all that check-ins and retrieval of heavy baggage. Carry-on is all you need for most of your trips.

You get a high when you prepare a trip

Maybe you are one of those folks who just let the trip happen and don’t plan ahead. Some people begin planning the moment they book their tickets. To them, anticipation is the favorite part of their fun.

Reading guide books, planning itineraries, and learning what is in the store is an incredible way to get high. It is also one of the healthiest and cheapest and ways.

You can never get enough.

Wanderlust never really leaves you, and you can never be free – not that you precisely want to.

All your conversations begin with, “When I was in…” No, that’s not boring, you are just an extremely curious and interesting human being.