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Hutchison Shoal and Flinders Reef make a great diving combination day. Light lunch and refreshments are included in the price.

Hutchinson Shoal.

Hutchinson Shoal is the largest reef system off Brisbane and also one of the least dived. Located north of Moreton Island, Hutchinson Shoal is washed by strong currents and offers no protection in rough weather. But what is does offer is a rocky terrain with countless caves, ledges, overhangs, gutters and pinnacles in depths from 10 metres to 38 metres.

Exploring this rocky reef, divers will find black coral trees, gorgonian fans, soft corals, sponges and lovely tubastra corals. Diving anywhere on this large reef divers will encounter reef fish, pelagic fish, turtles, moray eels, crayfish, eagle rays, wobbegongs, stingrays and gropers. This site also has a large admiralty anchor, over 3 metres long, that’s history is unknown.

Flinders Reef.

Scuba dive among an amazing array of marine life and coral, perfect for any diver. The walls, gutters, caves and pinnacles of this reef are covered in over one hundred coral species including staghorn, brain, plate and many others, as well as soft corals, gorgonians and sponges. On your dive, you’ll discover that Flinders Reef also hosts more than 175 species of reef fish, plus invertebrates, stingrays, wobbegong sharks and even the occasional manta ray. A special feature at Flinders Reef is the turtle cleaning station, where green turtles rest on the corals in the shallows to be cleaned by surgeonfish and cleaner wrasse.

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