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  • On our extended Met tour we cover major highlights of the collection - and some fascinating less-visited pieces.

  • Perfect for art and history lovers, we cover Ancient Egyptian tomb models, to Vermeer and van Gogh, to the infamous Madame X, the iconic Washington Crossing the Delaware and more.

  • Includes a special visit to the Met rooftop garden for spectacular views over Central Park (May-October only, weather permitting).

  • With pre-reserved tickets included in the price you won’t waste time waiting in line.

  • Small groups of 15 people or fewer and expert guides keep your tour intimate and engaging.


  • You may have seen New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art before, but you've never seen it like this.  Travel through 6,000 years and across the globe in just a few hours, to gain a greater understanding of the length and breadth of this world-class collection.  In small groups of 15 people or fewer, you’ll delve into the history and art of the Met, seeing works come to life through the stories of your expert guide.


We start our tour in the ancient world, with a visit to Ancient Egyptian tomb models.  Incredibly well preserved, these pieces were a more important discovery than they seem, as they offered pictorial insight into what life in Ancient Egypt was like. This insight continues at the incredible Temple of Dendur, fully intact and surreally displayed inside a naturally lit atrium, nestled in Central Park.

Our world tour returns to New York for stained glass by Tiffany and then hops over to Britain to size up the armor of notorious King Henry VIII.  We then head east for the Antioch Chalice, believed by some to be the Holy Grail itself, the cup from which Jesus drank on the night he was betrayed.  Believe the story? You’ll have time to debate its merits with your expert guide. For historians our next few stops are a true delight – the Greek and Roman wing contain elegant statues, imperial Roman busts, and intact frescos buried along with those at Pompeii.

Off to exotic Oceania to see boldly carved Bisj poles from Papua New Guinea, for which a Rockefeller gave his life.  We’ll then move to the second floor to admire Water Lilies by Monet, a Thinker by Rodin, and the swirling strokes of van Gogh.

It’s break time inside the museum or atop the rooftop garden (May-October only, weather permitting) for verdant vistas of Central Park.

The tour continues to the Golden Age of Dutch painting, perusing portraits by Rembrandt and marveling at the virtuosity of Vermeer.  After a brief passage through Italy, it’s off to Spain to see El Greco and to France for Jacques-Louis David’s famous Death of Socrates.

A little scandal is in store, as your guide gives the inside story of John Singer Sargent’s infamous Madame X.   You’ll then be dwarfed by the immense iconic Washington Crossing the Delaware – one of the most recognized paintings in the United States.

Besides from what’s listed here, you’ll see little surprises and quirks of the collection as you tour.  Our small group and expert guides will allow you to ask questions, be engaged, and take the most from your Met experience!

Sites Visited: 

  • Ancient Egyptian Tomb Models (original and perfectly preserved)

  • Temple of Dendur

  • Egyptian mummies

  • Armor of King Henry VIII

  • Antioch Chalice a.k.a. the "Holy Grail"

  • Greek and Roman Statuary

  • Ancient Roman Frescoes

  • Tiffany glass and mosaics

  • Rodin sculptures

  • Bisj Poles from New Guinea

  • Claude Monet – Water Lillies

  • Vincent van Gogh - Selected Works

  • Auguste Rodin - Sculptures

  • Rembrandt van Rijn - Portraits

  • Johannes Vermeer - Selected Paintings

  • Jacques-Louis David's Death of Socrates

  • Madame X by John Singer Sargent

  • Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emmanuele Leutze

  • Rooftop Garden (May–October only, weather permitting)


  • Pre-arranged Met Museum tickets, with donation included

  • Expert local tour guide

  • Small groups of only 15 people or fewer


  • Gratuities

  • Hotel Pick-Up/Drop-Off

Group Size: 

  • 15 people per guide


  • 3 hours 15 minutes

Reduced price:

- Infants (ages 0-1): free (no reservation required)

- Children (ages 2-14)

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